NOTE:  The PERB decisions here do not include routine or preliminary rulings and orders issued by PERB, but include only substantive final agency decisions and non-final rulings and orders deemed informative.  Court decisions here are those on judicial review of PERB decisions.

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PERB Decisions by Issuance Date

17-PERB-100828 8/16/2017 Greene Co. CSD/Construction and Public Employees LiUNA Local 177  Negotiability Dispute
17-PERB-1007418/16/2017City of Cedar Falls/AFSCME Iowa Council 61Unit/Representation/Elections Decisions 
17-PERB-1008256/29/2017 UE/State of Iowa and Iowa Board of RegentsDeclaratory Order 
17-PERB-100803 & 1008046/13/2017State of Iowa (DAS)/UE Local 893 IUPRuling and Order
17-PERB-1008225/30/2017 Chickasaw Co./Teamsters Local 238 Objection to Impasse Services 
17-PERB-100823 5/17/2017 Oskaloosa CSD/EA Negotiability Dispute 
17-PERB-1008205/17/2017Columbus EA/CSDNegotiability Dispute
17-PERB-1000053/15/2017 State of Iowa (DHS)/Douglas Wise Chapter 8A State Employee Appeals - Discipline 
17-ALJ-1007271/20/2017 State of Iowa (DHS)/Amy Ryan Chapter 8A State Employee Appeals - Discipline  
17-ALJ-1007191/20/2017 College CSD/LoiDana Miller Prohibited Practice Decisions 
16-PERB-10078912/30/2016 State of Iowa/AFSCME Iowa Council 61 Unit/Representation/Elections Decisions
16-PERB-10000512/19/2016State of Iowa (DHS)/Douglas WiseChapter 8A State Employee Appeals - Discipline 
16-PERB-100726 8/9/2016John L. Sandy, PERB Roster Arbitrator Neutral Complaint 
16-ALJ-1007287/15/2016State of Iowa (DHS)/Laurie Ann PierceChapter 8A State Employee Appeals - Grievance
PERB 100027 
7/11/2016 Trevor Anthony v. PERB Prohibited Practice Decisions 
16-HO-100068 6/17/2016 State of Iowa/AFSCME Iowa Council 61 Prohibited Practice Decisions 
16-HO-100065 6/17/2016 State of Iowa/SPOC Prohibited Practice Decisions 
16-HO-100053 & 1000566/17/2016  State of Iowa/UE Local 893, IUPProhibited Practice Decisions 
Ct. App. 15-1045
PERB 8494
6/15/2016AFSCME Iowa Council 61 /PERBProhibited Practice Decisions
Dist. Ct. CVCV051521
PERB 100027
5/20/2016Trevor Anthony /PERBProhibited Practice Decisions
16-PERB-1007255/6/2016Mahaska Co./SEIU Local 199/Nick BattersonUnit/Representation/Elections Decisions
16-ALJ-1000734/19/2016SEIU Local 199/Iowa City Community School DistrictProhibited Practice Decisions
Sup. Ct. 15-0456
PERB 8535
4/6/2016Des Moines Assn. of Prof. FF Local #4 v. PERB and City of Des MoinesProhibited Practice Decisions
16-ALJ-1000864/1/2016State of Iowa (Dept. of Natural Resources)/Martin JacobsChapter 8A State Employee Appeals - Grievance
16-ALJ-1000013/11/2016Colo-Nesco Education Association and Scott Bauer/Colo-Nesco Community School DistrictProhibited Practice Decisions
16-ALJ-1000362/29/2016SEIU Local 199/Broadlawns Medical CenterProhibited Practice Decisions
Order Nunc Pro Tunc
2/19/2016Trevor Anthony/AFSCME Iowa Council 61Prohibited Practice Decisions

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  • PERB and Court Decisions – In this database, the PERB decisions do not include routine or preliminary rulings and orders issued by PERB, but include only substantive final agency decisions and non-final rulings and orders deemed informative. Court decisions are those on judicial review of PERB decisions.
  • Neutral Decisions – The neutral decisions database includes recent and a number of prior years’ fact-finding and interest arbitration decisions. Additionally, it includes only those grievance arbitration decisions forwarded to PERB for publication by the arbitrator with consent of the parties involved. Click on the Contents tab of the database to view all documents contained in the database.

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