David Gaba

David M. Gaba
Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator
Mattson Ricketts, 134 South 13th Street, Suite 1200
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JD, Univ. of Nebraska, 1984; MBA, Univ. of Nebraska, 1987
Per Diem: 
$1200 (1/2 per diem for travel more than 3 hrs).Hourly rate after 5:30 PM
Postponement Charge: 
Require 30-business days notice of continuance or charge for days set.
Require 30-business days notice of cancellation or charge for days set.
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Docketing Fee: May apply (waived for clients who use email). Expenses: Charge for reasonable actual expenses.
Employment History: 
1997 - Present: Arbitrator. 1992 to 1997, 2001 to 2003: Labor Relations Manager Metropolitan King County, managed the labor relations functions for the eleventh largest county in the United States. 1990 to 1992: Washington State Nurses Association (UFCW) General Counsel. 1989 to 1990: Washington Attorney General: Assistant Attorney General. 1986 to 1989: Nebraska Appeal Tribunal: Chief Administrative Law Judge. 1985 to 1986: Attorney, NE Department of Labor.
National Academy of Arbitrators: 
Labor and Employment Relations Association (past president NW chapter). Idaho Bar Association, Nebraska Bar Association and Washington Bar Association
Neutral Listings: 
CA State Mediation and Conciliation Service, MT Board of Personnel Appeals, NE Commission of Industrial Relations, OR Employment Relations Board, WA Public Employment Relations Commission,. OTHER LISTINGS: National Mediation Board. PERMANENT PANELS: AK/AK Patrol Offic. Assc.; AK/ASEA; City of Federal WAY/FWPOG, City of Tukwila/USW; OR/AFSCME Local 75; Port of Seattle/Teamsters Local 117; AFGE 1406/Air Force Material Command; TSA/AFGE; Kimberly Clark/AWPPW; FAA/National Air Traffic Controllers Association.
Neutral Experience: 
Have heard over 800 labor and employment arbitrations since 1993. Published awards include: Medford School District, 130 LA 856 (2012); Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, 130 LA 724 (2012); City of Oakland 128 LA 1217 (2011); OR Department of Corrections, 127 LA 641 (2010); County of Monterey, 127 LA 207 (2009); Grandview School District, 126 LA 1263 (2009); City of Montclair, 127 LA 32 (2009); US Department of the Army, 125 LA 1287 (2008); St. Peter Hospital, 123 LA 473 (2007); Klamath County, 122 LA 1745 (2006); Denver School District, 120 LA 816 (2004); West Valley City School District, 120 LA 756 (2004); Basic Electric Power Cooperative, 120 LA 816 (2004); Kitsap County, 119 LA 1753 (2004); Seattle School District, 119 LA 481 (2004); Kitsap County, 118 LA 1173 (2003); City of Mill Creek, 116 LA 101 (2001); State of Alaska, 114 LA 1305 (2000), City of Bellingham, 115 LA 944 (2001). Issues include: Issues: Affirmative Action, Absenteeism, Arbitrability, Bargaining Unit Work, Conduct , (off-duty)/Personal, Demotion, Discipline (Non-Discharge), Discipline (Discharge), Discrimination, Drug/Alcohol Offenses, FLSA, FMLA, Fringe Benefits: Bonus, Holidays, Insurance, Leave, Vacation, Health/Hospitalization, Hiring Practices, Job Performance, Job Posting/Bidding, Jurisdictional Disputes, Layoffs/Bumping/Recall, Management Rights, Official Time, Past Practices, Promotion, Retirement, Safety/Health Conditions, Seniority, Sexual Harassment, Strikes, Lockouts, Work Stoppages, Slowdowns, Subcontracting/Contracting Out, Tenure/Reappointment, Wages: Cost-of-Living, Holiday Pay, Incentive Pay, Job Classification and Rages, Merit Pay, Overtime Pay, Severance Pay, Vacation Pay, Work Hours/Schedules/Assignments, Working Conditions/Work Orders, Violence or Threats.
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