PERB Will Not Hold 2018 Conference - Other Outreach Coming

For several even numbered years, PERB has held a two day conference for neutrals as well as representatives of employee and employer organizations.  We have been receiving inquiries if we would hold one again in 2018.  The answer is that we will not be doing so, but we do appreciate everyone who has participated in those in the past.  PERB may return to holding another conference in the future and we certainly appreciate input on this subject at any time.

PERB is committed to continuing to hold informational outreach meetings, as we did last year, for those who would like to know more about recertification elections.  These statewide training meetings will once again be held and any suggestions on locations to hold those later this year are welcomed.  In addition, PERB Board and staff members have visited with many employers and employees throughout Iowa.  Whether formally as invited guests to workshops and conferences or informally with small groups at your invitation, we are glad to meet with organizations whenever we are asked to do so.  Please feel free to reach out to us at PERB if you would like to meet with us.

Given the increase in these other educational and conversational requests of the agency, we would like to focus our energy to those efforts as opposed to a formal conference at this time.  Again, we appreciate questions about the conference and do leave the door open for holding those again.  We look forward to serving Iowans in the coming year through our new outreach efforts and hope to see you soon at one of those opportunities.