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Mission Statement

To promote harmonious and cooperative relationships between government and its employees without disruption of public services, via the expert and timely services of a neutral agency.

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Directory of Staff    (TABLE OF ORGANIZATION)

Mike Cormack, Chair      Mike.Cormack@iowa.gov
Jamie K. Van Fossen, Board Member    Jamie.VanFossen@iowa.gov
Mary Gannon, Board Member               Mary.Gannon@iowa.gov
Susan M. Bolte, Administrative Law Judge    Susan.Bolte@iowa.gov 
Jan V. Berry, Administrative Law Judge    Jan.Berry@iowa.gov  
Diana S. Machir, Administrative Law Judge     Diana.Machir@iowa.gov 
Jasmina Sarajlija, Administrative Law Judge     Jasmina.Sarajlija2@iowa.gov   
Amber DeSmet, Administrative Law Judge    Amber.DeSmet@iowa.gov
Leisa Luttrell, Administrative Assistant     Leisa.Luttrell@iowa.gov 
Nancy Lawrence, Administrative Assistant     Nancy.Lawrence@iowa.gov 

510 East 12th ST, Suite 1B
Des Moines  IA  50319

Phone Number: 515-281-4414
Fax Number: 515-242-6511
Email Address: iaperb@iowa.gov