District Court, Court of Appeals, or Supreme Court Cases Schedule

Case Filing Date Caption/PERB Case No. Location/Docket Number Subject Status Summary
CVCV061354 - Derek Krogman v. PERB 05/14/21 Derek Krogman & PERB (PERB Case No. 102276) Polk Cnty. CVCV061354 Section 8A.415 (2) State Employee Disciplinary Action Appeal Krogman Petition 5/14/21; PERB Answer 6/10; Order 6/14, PERB App. Restrict 6/14; State motion interv 6/15; PERB cert.
City of Ames v. PERB 03/18/21 City of Ames and IUOE & AFSCME (PERB Case No. 102405) Polk Cnty CVCV061533 Declaratory Order (14 questions transit ee units) Petition 3/18/2021; PERB motion 4/7; PERB notice 4/14; PERB record 4/14; Ames resistance 4/16; AFSCME motion intervene 4/21; IUOE motion intervene 4/26; hearing motion 5/5; hearing 8/6. Order-Interv. 5/10; PERB Motion to Amend 5/27; Order-Cont.
CVCV004127 - Richard Champion & Robert Winterton v. PERB 06/18/20 Richard Champion & Robert Winterton & PERB (PERB Case No. 100834) Chickasaw Cnty. CVCV004127 Clarification of Unit Petition 6/18/2020; Orig.
CVCV060163 - Kari White v. State of Iowa and PERB 05/06/20 Kari White & State of Iowa (Second Judicial District) (PERB Case No. 102327) Polk Cnty. CVCV060163 Disciplinary Action Merit Appeal Petition 5/6/2020; PERB Answer 5/19; State Answer 5/26; State Appearance (Weber) 5/26; PERB Motion for Prot. Order 5/27; PERB Cert. of Record 5/27; Protective Order 5/28; Cert.
CVCV059033-City of Muscatine and PERB 10/07/19 Muscatine Ass'n of Firefighters (PERB Case No. BU-0437) Polk Cnty. CVCV059033 R/R Elect. City Petition 10/7/19; City Motion to Amend 10/10; Amend Pet 10/10; Order granting Motion 10/16; PERB Motion to Dismiss 10/28; PERB Motion to Dismiss Brief 10/28; Appearance - D Machir PERB 10/28; Order Setting Hearing MTD 10/31; PERB Notice of Non-e
CVCV058737-State v. PERB 08/19/19 Nicholas Carnes & State (DHS) (PERB Case No. 102138) Polk Cnty. CVCV05873 Chapter 8A State Employee Appeal Petition 8/19/2019; Carnes' Motion to Intervene 9/4; Order setting Hearing 9/5; State's Notice of No Resistance 9/9; PERB's Notice of No Resist 9/9; PERB Answer 9/9; PERB Motion for Protective Order 9/11; PERB Certificate of Record 9/1
CVCV058643-United Faculty v. PERB 08/08/19 UNI-United Faculty (AAUPIHEA) & State (BOR) (PERB Case No. 100798) Polk Cnty. CVCV058643 Prohibited Practice Complaint Petition 8/8/2019; Order setting hearing 8/12; PERB Answer 8/15; State Motion to Interv 8/21; Appearance - Smisek & Tice 8/27; Order Setting Hearing 8/27; Board of Regents/State Amended Motion 8/28;Order granting interv 9/5; PERB Cert of Rec 9/6;
CVCV058626-State of Iowa (Board of Regents) 08/05/19 UNI-United Faculty (AAUPIHEA) & State (BOR) (PERB Case No. 100798) Polk Cnty. CVCV058626 Prohibited Practice Complaint Petition 8/5/19; Request for expedited hearing and stay 8/5; Order (8/7) - hearing scheduled for 8/16; Voluntary dismissal 8/13/2019.
CVCV057314-Des Moines Independent Cmty. School Dist. v PERB 11/21/18 Des Moines Independent Cmty. School Dist. v. Public Employment Relations Board Polk Cnty. CVCV057314 Request for PERB to hold Retention and Recertification Election Petition 11/21/18; PERB Motion to Dismiss 12/18; PERB Brief; Des Moines CSD Resistance 12/28 & Motion to Strike 12/28; PERB Reply 12/31 & Resistance to Motion 12/31; Order setting hearing; PERB motion for continuance 1/11; Order setting heari
Case Filing Date Caption/PERB Case No. Location/Docket Number Subject Status Summary
20-0270/United Faculty and PERB 02/11/20 United Faculty & State (BOR) (PERB Case No. 100798) 20-0270 Prohibited Practice Complaint Appeal 2/11/2020; Notice of briefing sch. 2/21; voluntary dismissal 4/2/2020; Court procendo 4/2/2020.


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