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Iowa Public Employment Relations Board

CVCV057314-Des Moines Independent Cmty. School Dist. v PERB

Filing Date: 
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Caption/PERB Case No.: 
Des Moines Independent Cmty. School Dist. v. Public Employment Relations Board
Location/Docket Number: 
Polk Cnty. CVCV057314
Request for PERB to hold Retention and Recertification Election
Petition 11/21/18; PERB Motion to Dismiss 12/18; PERB Brief; Des Moines CSD Resistance 12/28 & Motion to Strike 12/28; PERB Reply 12/31 & Resistance to Motion 12/31; Order setting hearing; PERB motion for continuance 1/11; Order setting hearing 1/22; Order Re: MSJ 1/25/19; PERB Appendix 3/11; PERB Statement of Undisputed Facts 3/11; PERB Memo MSJ 3/11; PERB MSJ; PERB Withdrawal Motion to Dismiss 3/11; Des Moines CSD Unresisted Motion for Extension of Time 3/15; Order Re Motion for Extension 3/18; Order Setting Hearing 3/19; Order Continuing Hearing 3/19; Des Moines Second Motion for Extension of Time 4/19; Order Continuing Hearing 4/24; Dismissal without Prejudice 5/09/2019.
District Court

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