Oskaloosa EA v. PERB

Filing Date: 
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Caption/PERB Case No.: 
Oskaloosa CSD & Oskaloosa EA (PERB Case No. 100823)
Location/Docket Number: 
Polk Cnty. CVCV054286
Negotiability of existing salary schedules (teacher, nurse and extra-curricular) and associated contract language
Petition 6/14/17; PERB Answer filed 6/29, record 7/14, notice of non-electronic filing 7/14, and supplement to certificate of record 7/14; Appearance and Answer filed by Intervenor Oskaloosa CSD 7/17; order establishing schedule 7/24; Petitioner's brief 8/18; Intervenor's brief 9/13; PERB brief 9/15; Petitioner's reply brief 9/29; oral arguments 10/13. District Court Ruling and Order 1/26/18.
District Court

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