How do I initiate a new case?


Depending on the type of case you need to initiate you will need to go to the FORMS section on the PERB website and fill out the correct form for your case type. Then the documents will need to be e-filed using PERB's eFlex system. If you do not already have an account you will need to request an account on the home page of the eFlex login screen. Once you successfully login you will upload the documents as a "new case", once PERB receives your filed documents PERB will look them over to make sure all the information is filled out correctly and completely. If you get an email stating your filing has been "accepted" you have successfully filed your case. If you get an email stating that your filing was "rejected" please read the note from PERB that explains why it was rejected and what you need to do in order to correct the issue. Please follow the instructions and correct the issue and re-file the document(s). If you have problems filing your documents please call our office at 515-281-4414.


Printed from the website on August 07, 2022 at 2:28pm.