I'm represented by a union at my workplace, but don't want to be. What can I do?


Initially, an employee in this situation needs to understand the concepts of the
“bargaining unit” and how an employee organization becomes “certified” as the bargaining
unit’s exclusive representative for purposes of collective bargaining with the public
If an employee is in a PERB-determined bargaining unit which is represented by a certified
employee organization, the employee should be aware that under Iowa law they are not
required to join, participate in or support the employee organization in any way, financially
or otherwise.  Represented employees who are members of the employee organization are
entitled to drop their membership, and cease the payment of any dues or fees whatsoever, if
they choose to do so.  However, employees should also realize that if they are employed in a
position which is included within a bargaining unit which has a certified bargaining
representative, they will be represented for purposes of collective bargaining by the certified
representative and subject to the terms and conditions of the contract negotiated between
that representative and the employer, regardless of whether they are dues-paying members
of the organization or not.

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