Grievance Mediation

Grievance mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process designed to address and resolve workplace disputes. In grievance mediation, labor and management explore possible “win-win” settlements of grievances in order to avoid the “win-lose” scenario which results from a grievance arbitration. PERB provides experienced mediators to assist parties in resolving grievances prior to arbitration. PERB's experience has been that, in most cases, mediation settles the issue without the need for arbitration. Grievance mediation is not a substitute for arbitration, however, if the parties can reach a mutually acceptable resolution this process can save arbitration expenses. Labor and management must jointly agree to participate in grievance mediation. PERB will provide PERB mediators for grievances only if the parties agree to reimburse PERB for the mediator's mileage and meals.

Questions about PERB's grievance mediation service may be directed to:

Susan Bolte
510 East 12th Street Suite 1B
Des Moines IA 50319
Phone:(515) 281-4414
Fax (515) 242-6511

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