Bargaining Unit Determination and Representation Certification

How does an employee organization become "certified" by PERB to represent a bargaining unit of employees?

An employee organization becomes the legal representative of a bargaining unit by petitioning PERB to hold a secret-ballot election among the employees in that unit to see if they choose to be...

Can I as an individual employee petition PERB to "certify" a union to be my representative?

No. Although a “bargaining unit determination” petition may be filed by a public employee, only an employer or an employee organization seeking to represent a bargaining unit can petition for a “...

Can I as an employee in a bargaining unit petition PERB to "decertify" my certified employee representative?

If supported by at least 30% of the employees in the represented bargaining unit, an employee in the unit can petition PERB to hold a “representative decertification” election to determine whether...



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