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District Court, Court of Appeals, or Supreme Court Cases Schedule

Case Filing Date Caption/PERB Case No. Location/Docket Number Subject Status Summary
CVCV059033-City of Muscatine and PERB 10/07/19 Muscatine Ass'n of Firefighters (PERB Case No. BU-0437) Polk Cnty. CVCV059033 R/R Elect. City Petition 10/7/19; City Motion to Amend 10/10; Amend Pet 10/10; Order granting Motion 10/16; PERB Motion to Dismiss 10/28; PERB Motion to Dismiss Brief 10/28; Appearance - D Machir PERB 10/28; Order Setting Hearing MTD 10/31; PERB Notice of Non-elect Cert. of Record 11/6; City Notice of Appearance 11/7; City Brief in support of resistance to MTD 11/7; City Resistance to PERB's MTD 11/7; PERB Reply Brief 11/18; Intervenor MTD and memo in support of MTD 12/5; Motion for Intervention Muscatine FF 12/5; City of Muscatine Motion to Continue 12/9; Voluntary Dismissal 1/8/2020.
CVCV058737-State v. PERB 08/19/19 Nicholas Carnes & State (DHS) (PERB Case No. 102138) Polk Cnty. CVCV05873 Chapter 8A State Employee Appeal Petition 8/19/2019; Carnes' Motion to Intervene 9/4; Order setting Hearing 9/5; State's Notice of No Resistance 9/9; PERB's Notice of No Resist 9/9; PERB Answer 9/9; PERB Motion for Protective Order 9/11; PERB Certificate of Record 9/18; Order 9/19; Sch Order 9/19; State No Resist Prot. Order 9/23; Order grant P.O. 9/25; Order granting interv. 9/27; State brief 10/25; PERB brief 11/22; State reply brief 12/2; Oral arg 12/6; PERB Notice of Non-Elect 10/8; State Brief w/ Attachment 10/25; PERB Brief w/ Attachment 11/21; State Brief 12/2; Amended Cert.
CVCV058643-United Faculty v. PERB 08/08/19 UNI-United Faculty (AAUPIHEA) & State (BOR) (PERB Case No. 100798) Polk Cnty. CVCV058643 Prohibited Practice Complaint Petition 8/8/2019; Order setting hearing 8/12; PERB Answer 8/15; State Motion to Interv 8/21; Appearance - Smisek & Tice 8/27; Order Setting Hearing 8/27; Board of Regents/State Amended Motion 8/28;Order granting interv 9/5; PERB Cert of Rec 9/6; PERB Supp Rec 9/6; PERB Notice Nonelec 9/6; UE brief 11/6; PERB 12/5; State/BOR brief 12/6; UE reply brief 12/21; Oral arguments 1/3/2020; Ruling on Judicial Review 1/13/2020; UE Brief in Support of Rule 1.904 & 1.414, UE Rule 1.414 Motion w/ Attachment, UE 1.904 Motion 1/24/2020; PERB Resistance to 1.414 Motion 1/29; State/BOR Resistances to
CVCV058626-State of Iowa (Board of Regents) 08/05/19 UNI-United Faculty (AAUPIHEA) & State (BOR) (PERB Case No. 100798) Polk Cnty. CVCV058626 Prohibited Practice Complaint Petition 8/5/19; Request for expedited hearing and stay 8/5; Order (8/7) - hearing scheduled for 8/16; Voluntary dismissal 8/13/2019.
CVCV057314-Des Moines Independent Cmty. School Dist. v PERB 11/21/18 Des Moines Independent Cmty. School Dist. v. Public Employment Relations Board Polk Cnty. CVCV057314 Request for PERB to hold Retention and Recertification Election Petition 11/21/18; PERB Motion to Dismiss 12/18; PERB Brief; Des Moines CSD Resistance 12/28 & Motion to Strike 12/28; PERB Reply 12/31 & Resistance to Motion 12/31; Order setting hearing; PERB motion for continuance 1/11; Order setting hearing 1/22; Order Re: MSJ 1/25/19; PERB Appendix 3/11; PERB Statement of Undisputed Facts 3/11; PERB Memo MSJ 3/11; PERB MSJ; PERB Withdrawal Motion to Dismiss 3/11; Des Moines CSD Unresisted Motion for Extension of Time 3/15; Order Re Motion for Extension 3/18; Order Setting Hearing 3/19; Order Continuing Hearing 3/19; Des Moines Second Motion for Ex
State of Iowa v. PERB 05/18/18 Doug Brooks & State (IWD) (PERB Case No.100778) Polk Cnty. CVCV056325 Disciplinary Action Merit Appeal Petition 5/18/18; PERB Answer 6/6/18; PERB Motion for Protective Order and Proposed Order 6/8/18. PERB motion additional time supplement to record and Proposed Order 6/18; PERB Record Section 1 6/18; PERB Notice Non-elect. Filing 6/18; PERB Service 6/18; Court Protective Order; PERB Certificate of Service 6/26; Order grant additional time 6/26; PERB conf. agency record Section II 6/27; PERB certificate of service 6/27; PERB Notice non-election filing 6/27; State brief 10/19; PERB brief 11/2; State reply 11/16; Oral Arguments 11/29; Court ruling 1/28/19.
State of Iowa v. PERB 04/13/18 Sharon Wilkerson-Moore & State (DHS) (PERB Case No.100788) Polk Cnty. CVCV056149 Disciplinary Action Merit Appeal Petition 4/13/18. PERB Answer 4/23; Wilkerson Motion & Answer 4/30; Order granting intervention 4/30; PERB cert. of record 5/11; PERB non-elect. filing 5/14; Order setting hearing 5/22; State brief 6/22/18; PERB brief 7/19; Wilkerson brief 7/20/18; State reply brief 8/6/18. Oral arguments 8/17/18; District Court Ruling 9/20/2018.
IBEW Local 204 v. PERB 03/06/18 Scott Cnty. & Int'l Bhd. of Elect. Workers, Local 204 (PERB Case No. 102131) Scott Cnty. CVCV298126 Public Safety unit status of bailiffs' unit IBEW Petition 3/6/18; IBEW Motion to transfer 3/15; PERB motion to dismiss 3/16; PERB brief-Motion to Dismiss 3/16; IBEW voluntary dismissal 3/27/18.
UE v. PERB 09/19/17 UE & State &BOR (PERB Case No. 100825) Polk Cnty. CVCV054946 Declaratory Order (4 proposals and 1 question on arbitrator authority) UE Petition 9/19/17; PERB Answer 10/9; PERB cert of record 10/19; PERB record 10/19; PERB notice of non-electronic filing 10/27; UE Amendment to Petition 11/29; UE brief 12/1/17; PERB Answer to Amendment to Petition 12/5; PERB brief 1/3/18; State motion to intervene 12/14; PERB's response to State's motion 12/18; Order granting intervention 12/28; PERB's brief 1/3; State's brief 1/3; AG appearance 1/4. UE Reply brief 1/20/18; Oral arguments 1/26/18; District Court Ruling on Petition for Judicial Review 3/15/18; UE Notice of Appeal 3/22/18.
Case Filing Date Caption/PERB Case No. Location/Docket Number Subject Status Summary
UE v. PERB 03/22/18 UE & State & BOR (PERB Case No. 100825) 18-0505 Declaratory Order Appeal filed 3/22/18; briefing schedule 4/30; UE design. app. 6/19; UE proof brief 6/19; ISEA motion to file amicus curiae 6/26; ISEA final brief 6/26; PERB designation additional parts 7/17; PERB proof brief 7/17; order granting amicus curiae 7/18; State/Intervenor statement regarding: App. 7/19; State proof brief 7/19; UE proof reply brief 8/7; Appendix 8/7; Amended App. 8/10; PERB Final Brief 8/20; UE final brief 8/21; UE final reply brief 8/21; Oral Arguments 1/24/2019; Supreme Court ruling issued 5/17/2019.


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