How should I prepare for the hearing?


The notice you receive will refer to the sections of Iowa Code chapter 20 and
PERB rules (Iowa Administrative Code) that apply to your case.  You should review those
statutes and rules before the hearing. The hearing provides an opportunity for each party to
call witnesses, cross examine the other side’s witnesses, enter exhibits into evidence and
make arguments to the presiding officer. It would be helpful to write down the important
facts and points you want to present at the hearing.  Identify the witnesses or documents that
will support your case.  If you want a person with knowledge about your case to speak in
support of your position, ask that person to attend the hearing. You should organize and
bring with you any documents you wish the hearing officer to consider.  If you want to
speak on your own behalf, you should be ready to make statements under oath.  Remember
the hearing is your opportunity to present your side of the case, so you should bring the
witnesses and the documents that are necessary to tell your story.

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