Contested Case Procedures

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

No, you may represent yourself. You may hire a lawyer to represent you at your
own expense, but...

Can my case be settled without a hearing?

Yes, a case can be settled by the parties prior to the hearing. If you want to
settle, you should...

Do I have any appeal rights if I do not agree with the decision?

Yes. If your complaint was initially heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), you have

After the hearing is over, how will I find out what has been decided?

You will receive a written decision electronically through e-Flex that states the facts
about the...

Will the hearing be recorded?

Yes, the hearing must be recorded by use of a voice recorder or by use of a court
reporter. By...

What if my witness does not show up to the hearing?

If your witness does not show up, you can ask the presiding officer to continue the
hearing to...

What if a witness refuses to attend the hearing?

You are entitled to have witnesses attend the hearing, either in person or by
telephone, who know...

Can my witness testify at the hearing over the telephone?

Most presiding officers will allow a witness to testify over the telephone at the
hearing even if...



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