What is the role of the "case processor"?


A case processor is assigned to every case filed with our agency. It is the job of
the case processor to keep the case moving and answer procedural questions from the
parties. Case processors do not provide legal advice but can be helpful in searching for
cases previously decided by the agency that are similar to your situation upon a request
from one or both parties. The case processor will ask the parties if they are interested in
informally resolving the case without a hearing. If the parties are willing to work on a
resolution, the case processor will act as the mediator and generally meet with the parties
to work out a resolution. In the event the parties cannot resolve their dispute, the case will
be assigned a presiding officer and scheduled for hearing. The Administrative Law Judge
who acted as the case processor/mediator will never act as the presiding officer and the
case processor is not allowed to share with the presiding officer substantive case
information s/he learned as the case processor/mediator.

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