Will the hearing be recorded?


Yes, the hearing must be recorded by use of a voice recorder or by use of a court
reporter. By statute and rule, prohibited practice complaint (PPC) hearings and state employee grievance and discipline resolution proceedings under Iowa Code section 8A.415 will be recorded by a court
reporter and the agency will arrange for a court reporter to report the hearing. The cost of
the court reporter and the agency-requested transcript will be taxed against the non-
prevailing party, as stated in Iowa Administrative rule 621 – 3.12 and rule 621 - 11.9. In all other cases, unless
requested and arranged differently by the Board or a party in the case, the hearing will be
recorded by a voice recorder. If the agency or the other party does not intend to arrange for a
court reporter, you can arrange for a court reporter.  However, if you do, you will have to
pay the court reporter yourself (Iowa Code § 17A.12(7)). If you have questions related to
the recording of the hearing, you can direct those questions to the assigned case processor.

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