Electronic Filing

If I do not have a computer or scanner to file my documents, where can I go?

We have a public access terminal for electronic filing located at PERB, 510 East 12th Street, Des Moines, Iowa, 50319. Please note this public access terminal is available only during PERB's...

How will I know if my filing was received?

When a user submits an electronic filing, the e-filing system will automatically generate a receipt of filing and send it to the user's provided email address. Please note that receiving a notice...

How do I electronically file a document?

You must first request an E-Flex account and have your E-Flex account approved by PERB before you can file. The link to request an E-Flex account, the information sheet regarding e-filing and...

Do I have to file my documents electronically?

Yes, all documents in adjudicatory hearings must be electronically filed unless exempted by PERB subrule 621-16.4(2)

What rules govern PERB's electronic filing system?

Chapter 16 of the Iowa Administrative Code governs PERB's e-filing system. The full text of the rules are available here.


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