Question Answer
Where can I find collective bargaining agreements? PERB maintains more recent (2010-present) contracts on its website. Click on the " Searchable Database " link found in the upper right hand corner on our website’s main page. From the available databases, select the appropriate database (“Iowa Contracts” or “Iowa Contract Archive”) and conduct your...
What is E-Flex? E-Flex is a program on which PERB's e-filing system operates.
What is the role of the "case processor"? A case processor is assigned to every case filed with our agency. It is the job of the case processor to keep the case moving and answer procedural questions from the parties. Case processors do not provide legal advice but can be helpful in searching for cases previously decided by the agency that...
What are the impasse procedure deadlines? The parties can and should attempt to agree upon an independent impasse procedure that meets their particular needs. If parties are using an independent impasse procedure, it should be submitted to PERB along with the request for impasse services. However, if the parties do not agree upon an...
Where can I find old PERB decisions? To search for prior PERB decisions, click on “ Searchable Database ” link from the main page. Select “Iowa PERB and Court Decisions” as the database and conduct your search. The decisions not available on our website are maintained in digital form at PERB’s office.
What rules govern PERB's electronic filing system? Chapter 16 of the Iowa Administrative Code governs PERB's e-filing system. The full text of the rules are available here.


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