Question Answer
What are the impasse procedure deadlines? The parties can and should attempt to agree upon an independent impasse procedure that meets their particular needs. If parties are using an independent impasse procedure, it should be submitted to PERB along with the request for impasse services. However, if the parties do not agree upon an...
Where can I find old PERB decisions? To search for prior PERB decisions, click on “ Searchable Database ” link from the main page. Select “Iowa PERB and Court Decisions” as the database and conduct your search. The decisions not available on our website are maintained in digital form at PERB’s office.
Do I have to file my documents electronically? Yes, all documents in adjudicatory hearings must be electronically filed unless exempted by PERB subrule 621-16.4(2)
Can anyone attend the hearing? Generally, hearings are open to the public and anyone may attend. The hearing may be closed to the public only if some specific provision of law allows the hearing to be closed. Sometimes the witnesses must wait outside the hearing room until they are called to testify, referred to as sequestration...
How do I request interest arbitration? If the parties do not resolve their impasse at mediation, either party may request arbitration services. This request can be made ten days after the effective date of the appointment of the mediator, which is the date of the mediation session. If the request is made early, PERB holds the request...
Where can I find a list of determined bargaining units? PERB maintains a list of determined bargaining units on our website. From the main page of our website, click on “ UNITS .” The list of bargaining units is organized alphabetically by employer name.


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