Question Answer
How do I initiate a new case? Depending on the type of case you need to initiate you will need to go to the FORMS section on the PERB website and fill out the correct form for your case type. Then the documents will need to be e-filed using PERB's eFlex system . If you do not already have an account you will need to request an...
Do I have to file my documents electronically? Yes, all documents in adjudicatory hearings must be electronically filed unless exempted by PERB subrule 621-16.4(2)
Will there by any meetings with the presiding officer before the hearing? In some cases the hearing officer will schedule a prehearing conference before the hearing. The prehearing conferences are typically telephonic and may be set to discuss items such as scheduling, narrowing the issues in dispute, and discussing the number of witnesses each side expects to call at...
How would I find out the name of the employee organization as certified by PERB? A copy of the employee organization’s certification can be found on PERB’s website under UNITS . The list is organized alphabetically by employer name.
How do I electronically file a document? You must first request an E-Flex account and have your E-Flex account approved by PERB before you can file. The link to request an E-Flex account, the information sheet regarding e-filing and helpful tips when e-filing ("cheat sheet") can be found on the e-filing login page.


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